The Stonecarrier The Stonecarrier and the Shoemaker from Madras
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The beliefs behind Stone Carrying are at the core of ancient civilisations and indigenous cultures. The concept of the Keepership of the Stone has always been considered to be of great Sacred and Symbolic importance for the future well-being of all humanity on Earth.

The circle of people imbue the Stone with their energy creating a form of record of the past and intention for the future.

The Stone Carrier is specifically trained in Keepership from childhood and was believed born to offer his/her form for the benefit of the people through the Sacred carriage of the Stone - which symbolises the past story and hopes and dreams of the future for the community.

The stones themselves call forward the future Dream of Life creating the contacts which will open the gateway to the future.

Through Shamanic training in the Sacred ways of life, the Stone Keeper as the visionary and the Stone as the holder of the vision are simultaneously creating the way forward and making the necessary links which open the doors to our greatest potential for good.

The African tradition of Stonecarrying originated in Great Zimbabwe. It consists of a group or community gathering in ceremony at the time of the full moon four times a year. The group identify concerns and issues within their community around a stone placed in the centre of a fire. Whilst the stone is in the fire the community around the fire hold ‘council’ each participating in the discussion of the best ways forward and options open to the community. The stone is then removed from the fire and each person holds the stone in an act of generating their energy and vision consciously to imbue the stone, thereby ‘feeding the stone’ with energy. The stone is then passed to the stonecarrier who literally takes the stone on a journey asking the stone to direct his/her footsteps and in believing thought and intention that the stone is taking the tribe forward and leading the way, by introducing the energy components needed for forward movement of the tribe. The African tradition differs from other types of Stonecarrying . The stone is believed to be a living energetic substance/body capable of incorporating thought and intention and passing the information absorbed between its’ form and association with the other energetic interactive form of the human as well as all other forms of energy whether they be animal vegetable or mineral.

In my journeys of carrying the stone there has always been an intention whether that is in relation to peace, anti poverty or environmental recovery both to the land, the sacred site and all those involved during the course of the process. This is especially relevant in the belief that the stone is drawing toward itself the necessary components for the outcome desired, whether that be ecological recovery, environmental awareness or better and more peaceful co-existence and relationships amongst people in a tribal, community, national or international setting. The age old belief so well illustrated when a group of Zimbabwean musicians joined our walk from Whitchurch to Tavistock during the course of the West Devon Stonecarrying adventure on Dartmoor it would be said that your viewing of this website sprang from the interactive energy of the stone within the context of our latest Stonecarrying venture and by your energetic participation in viewing this website you are contributing toward the stone with your conscious thought and awareness!
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