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The Stone Carrying Journey 2006

I'm Caroline.

This is a shared place for our stories, thoughts and pictures we created leading up to and during the Stone Carrying Journey on Dartmoor (Spring/Summer 2006).


July 2010

Pupils Celebrate at the Eden Project.

 Teachers and pupils from Whitchurch Primary school enjoyed a day out at the Eden Project to honor the completion of a stone carrying project which involved eight West Devon schools. The Daughters of Elvin led the day inspiring the children to create some fantastical masks. This was followed by a medieval music concert with an introduction to various medieval instruments including a hurdy gurdy and traditional bagpipes. The children were thrilled to learn some authentic Elizabethan dances and take part in a procession, wearing masks. They celebrated at the Bug’s Hotel which had been built by staff at Eden from stones carried by all eight schools involved the project, together with a stone donated by HRH Prince Charles and a Zimbabwe replica soap stone bird from Zimbabwe. 

Following on from this successful stone carrying project Houses of Stone are preparing for an even more ambitious event in spring 2011. Houses of Stone is a Tavistock-based community group. Organizers of the new stone carrying project are planning this time to include 24 schools linking rural communities and children in and around Dartmoor. The project will include art, music, dancing and environmental issues. Central to the project are the intentions the children create for their  stones. These intentions represent the environmental based wishes the children have for the future of our planet. The mediaeval group, Daughters of Elvin will be instrumental  in planning and carrying forward  the project across Dartmoor linking primary schools and communities in Stonecarrying activities.

Caroline Keane, artist and former Mayor of Tavistock said of the plans – ‘It is exciting that this pilot project supported by local and national funders paves the way for a further  environmental  and cultural awareness program to support environmental awareness linking our Dartmoor communities.’




This project has been made possible with support from:
Awards for All, BBC Breeze Award
Communities in Action (a Westden project)
Dartmoor National Park Authority
West Devon Borough Council

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