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These books are made for Caroline Keane by Joanna Radford at the Hannaford Press. The images are glued on to Somerset 250 gsm 'Buff' mould-made paper, with the photographs and poems being printed digitally on Zerkall 145 gsm mold-made paper. Indian paper and leather recycled from the manufacture of shoes are used for the cover.

Shifting images
Imprints on my soul
Forgotten yesterdays
Become ever whole
Moving veils
Across a scene once more
Accessed in my memory
Provide a moving core
To my life

I explore
Lost regions, ancient monoliths
Cultures gone who left their marks
What they have found is ingrained in the stones
Before rock paintings ever lightened sparks
Of memories in our eyes
We have it all in place
Recorded in the earth
Up through our lower souls
It penetrates our dearth
Of spirit and touches us

I travel
Across continents to find
Their ancient secrets
Passed down without a word
To human kind.
Stormed ships shelter in the Sound
Bulky Christmas trees of tiered lights
Ride the gale, breakwater safe
Contained and calm
While spray hurls back into my face
Tears blown to greet the salt of this farewell.

Empty cobbled streets glisten
Memories slide away
On slippery stones of starlight
Cold winter moon is nearly full
Lights up the harbour and speaks of secrets.
Somewhere across the lands
Another sun rises
Colours sea and sky
With a new day of love and more

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